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search engine optimisation

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SEO is definitely important for your customer’s website. When you’ve built an amazing website, designed it to look great but have no or low visitors, you’ve got a problem. One of the most effective ways to get your customer’s website noticed is through Search Engine Optimization. We tell you how you could get SEO rankings up through one important way: BACKLINKING. What is backlinking? Simply put, it’s a linking from a website / webpage / blog back…

Web Development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is SEO. Getting the two to work together is a super-power, only you as a developer have. In our previous post, titled ‘Common Web Design Issues to Stay Clear of for Good SEO’, we shared some basic tips for good SEO. On the heels of that post, we give you some more great ways you as a developer can optimise your website to the fullest to be picked…

You have signed up for a ResellerClub account and have got yourself a slick storefront in the form of the Supersite, or already have your custom storefront and have tied in with our back-end through API or WHMCS. Your business needs impetus, visibility and presence in the eyes of your potential customers and you can get that by targeting one of the biggest sources of traffic on the web – search engines. In fact, when…