How to Add Search Box in Website

Developing the Search box: 5 ways to add a search box on your website

In our previous posts on Introduction to Website Search and Designing the Search Box, we underscored the importance of the search bar for improved UX, the ideal placement for the bar & much more. Now that we’ve established the why and the how to design, let’s take a look at the how to develop in the third & final part of the Search Box Series. In this post, we’ll cover: Using Google Custom Search Using third party search engines Adding a search script Customizing 3rd party search engines – Lucene Platforms built on Lucene 1) Using Google Custom Search One […]

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Designing the Search box: FAQs, Best Practices to follow & Frequent Mistakes to avoid

Hey there! In an earlier post on Introduction to Website Search, we looked at the importance of the search box on a website, the types of websites that do and do not require search boxes. Continuing with the ‘Search Box Series’, in Part II, we will look at how to design the box. Frequently Asked Questions & Best Practices A lot of designers aren’t sure how to design the search box – where to place it, should it have a magnifying glass icon, what the search field size should be, etc. Let’s tackle each of these questions with best practices […]

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Introduction to website search

We’ve come a long way in website design and improving UX. Part of that UX improvement has been to make locating content easier for the user which is where the search box comes in. The search box is probably the most used element on a website. This is especially true if you have a bunch of products or  files on your site. Even if you don’t have much content to sift through, the search box is just an easy way for your user to find what he’s looking for. Importance of the Search box Here are some interesting statistics according […]

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