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root access

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Web hosting is one of the critical aspects of building a successful website, especially a business website. When starting out with a new or basic website, most site owners opt for the affordable Shared Hosting or for the customizable yet cost-efficient VPS Hosting. However, as your site traffic goes up exponentially, you need a hosting platform that offers high performance, advanced security and dedicated privacy. This is where Dedicated Hosting comes into the picture. If…

Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting is where multiple websites share a single physical server. This sounds similar to Shared Hosting, right? But, there are reasons why VPS Hosting is a natural upgrade over Shared Hosting and is considered a mean between Shared and Dedicated Servers. In VPS Hosting, every website is virtually isolated from each other with each server receiving a dedicated set of resources, such as bandwidth, disk space and processing power.…