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One of the crucial factors in deciding the theme of your website is the content your website has. For example, if you run a photography website then the focus is more on the pictures but if your niche, like mine is poetry or financial news then photos are secondary as content rules this type of a website. The goal is to make your website stand out visually and aesthetically. A theme determines the look and…

Our first Web Designer/Developer focused event Ctrl+F5, Bangalore was surely a lot of fun! Elite Web Professionals from all across the Southern States of India made it to the Sheraton Grand to meet our Industry’s Tech Leaders and other like-minded Pros. Leading figures such as Ninad Rawal – Directi, Shridhar Luthria – ResellerClub, Navneet Kaushal – PageTraffic as well as Ravi Pal from Endurance International Group, were eager to share their thoughts on designing & building efficient and…