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Reseller Web Hosting

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cPanel web hosting is a Linux hosted solution that is driven by cPanel. In order to know what this term exactly means, it is essential to first know what web hosting means. Web hosting is a service that allows business or individuals to host their website or web page on the internet. The files of this website are stored on servers which look like the CPU of a computer. In order to host your website,…

Resellers can now offer the option of Custom DLLs along with every Hosting Plan purchased by their Customers. With the Custom DLL Registration included (as an optional purchase) in all our Hosting Plans, Reseller’s Customers can now register Custom DLL and OCX files instantly using the Control Panel. The DLL manager included with the Windows Hosting package can be used for registering ActiveX DLLs, which may then be invoked in ASP scripts. Do not forget…

Dear Reseller, The latest addition to our Product portfolio- India Hosting, is now Live !! Your Customers can start purchasing India Hosting from your SuperSite. You can now offer your Customers multi location hosting (US and India) on both Linux and Windows platforms. Since even micro-seconds matter in the resolution of a website, you can let your Customers choose the physical location of their Hosting Servers. For websites with a target audience based in Asia,…