New gTLD Report: April 2017

Hey guys, the numbers for the first month of Q2 are out and our domain promos have rearranged the new gTLD standings for our report. .WIN has made it to the top 5 new gTLD adds for the month. .XYZ for the first time ever has moved to 5th place. We also have a new entrant for April. .NEWS has made it to our top 15 new gTLD adds across all markets! Do have a look at the breakdown of new gTLD adds below: New gTLD Report April 2017 Create pie charts *Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub . TOP – […]

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new gtld report february 2017 resellerclub blog

New gTLD Report: February 2017

Hey guys, the new gTLD adds for the month are out and for the first time ever, .GDN has taken the top spot! .ACCOUNTANT which was our number 1 for the last month, has moved to the 11th position for February. .XYZ continues at position 2 while the Radix TLDs continue to be a part of our top 15 monthly new gTLD adds across all markets. We have new entrants for February as well, .SCIENCE, .CRICKET and .REVIEW. Let’s have a look at the infograph below for more information. *Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub 1) .GDN – .XYZ and .TOP […]

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New gTLD report – March 2016

Just like the new gTLD report for the month of February, we will only be taking the total number of TLDs registered for this month into account. We have some new contenders for the month of March. For further details, have a look at the percentage shares of  the new gTLD adds for this month. New gTLD Report – March2016 Create pie charts .ACCOUNTANT takes the lead for this month contributing 29% of the total TLD adds immediately followed by .BID at 28%, our new contender for the month. .ACCOUNTANT & .BID are running at promotional offers of  91% each. This has […]

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New gTLD Report – February 2016

In our previous reports, we were having a month-on-month comparison of the new gTLD registrations. For February, we are doing our report in a slightly different format. What’s new? We are taking into account the domains registered exclusively in this month rather than all the domains registered through us till date. This is to ensure that all the TLDs, even TLDs that have been launched recently have a level playing field. Therefore, there has been a major change in trend in this month’s report. Here are the percentage shares of  the new gTLD adds for the month of February. New […]

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New gTLD Report- October

The month of October had some interesting results. While .SCIENCE and .XYZ maintained their No. 1 and No. 2 positions respectively, the percentage increase that .XYZ saw this month was incredible, a whooping 138% increase since September. This is probably due to the continuing effect of a .XYZ domain name being snatched up by Google’s latest venture, Alphabet Inc. Another TLD that has emerged as the No. 1 TLD in terms of percentage increase since September is the .WIN extension, increasing more than a thousand fold this month! Although the TLD was on was on discount since August, registrations seemed to […]

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New gTLD Report – September

While September came with some expected results, it even witnessed a couple of significant developments in the TLD space.  Through the month of September, .SCIENCE, .XYZ and .PARTY held their Top 3 positions from August with a percentage share of 23, 9 and 7, respectively, making .SCIENCE the most popular TLD for 7th month in a row! .FAITH and .DATE also made it to the list of Top 15 for the first time since their launch in July this could be due to the amazing promo price of just $1.49 for both. While .SCIENCE & .PARTY saw a marginal growth increase of […]

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New gTLD Report- July 2015

Some expected and some unexpected results emerged in the new gTLD report for the month of July. As usual, .SCIENCE took the lead with a significant percentage share of 31%, followed by .XYZ in second place. .WEBSITE & .PARTY took the third & fourth place, respectively this month. .CLUB & .SPACE also made it to the list of Top 5 TLDs for July. Here’s the entire report: New gTLD report – July | Create infographics At ResellerClub, we’re offering a bunch of TLDs on discounted prices – as much as 93% off! Check out all our domain promos here. Were […]

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WhoIs Privacy Report: Reactions & More

Recently, a ‘”commotion” has broken out online, creating waves. Let’s bring you up to speed to the topic that’s created quite a stir online. A topic that affects many… small and large businesses and individuals including you and me… privacy. The stir was in response to the GNSO Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues (PPSAI) Working Group Initial Report. The report aims to bring privacy and proxy services, currently uncontrolled by ICANN, under ICANN’s contractual wing. You can read the entire report here. The problematic area with the report, in simple terms is this: Your privacy provider would be forced to disclose your contact […]

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