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When your company collects user data, you pit convenience against protecting people’s privacy. As people purchase and use technologies that rely on personal data to function, this challenge will intensify. For example, 71% of Americans expect to have at least one smart-home device by 2025. According to Consumer Reports, 65% of Americans are either slightly or not at all confident that their personal data is private and not distributed without their knowledge. Research from the…

When you purchase a domain name, there are several add-on features that you can choose to purchase along with your domain. Some features are useful to everyone while some may only be relevant only to a certain set of users. Many-a-time when we realize a service is an add-on we assume that it might not be worthwhile – it is healthy to be wary of unnecessary up-sells, of course, but it is also a good…

Recently, a ‘”commotion” has broken out online, creating waves. Let’s bring you up to speed to the topic that’s created quite a stir online. A topic that affects many… small and large businesses and individuals including you and me… privacy. The stir was in response to the GNSO Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues (PPSAI) Working Group Initial Report. The report aims to bring privacy and proxy services, currently uncontrolled by ICANN, under ICANN’s contractual wing. You can…