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So you’ve finally made the decision of being an entrepreneur. You’ve decided to enter the market and offer the best products / services that you can offer. You may be a web developer, a web designer, a domain reseller looking to start your own business. You’ve narrowed down your target audience, you have a business model but unsure how to tackle the challenging decision of price setting. We’re here to help you with that one critical…

After taking stock of your valuable feedback about price-setting, we’re delighted to introduce our Profit% – Based Price Calculator. You can now set and update your selling Prices in less than 30 seconds using this simple, yet extremely comprehensive pricing engine. You will now be able to set your domain prices in 3 simple steps:     Select the TLDs you want to set prices for     Specify a profit margin for each action viz. Register,…

Every now and then, when we launch a promo we sign off asking you to “make the most” of the pricing offered. What exactly we mean by that is not always clear – so I thought I would put together a short article on doing just that. Pricing Setting the right price is the first and the most important step when it comes to Promotions. You have to factor in various aspects like the short…