How to use WooCommerce plugin in WordPress-A Step by step guide

Your Guide to using WooCommerce with WordPress

WordPress really is the Holy Grail of the internet. Over 32% of websites are powered by the script. The downside or really, the upside to WordPress is that it allows customization to the T. Web professionals can use thousands of plugins to customize their WordPress experience to fit exactly what they need and want from the script. For e-commerce website owners, one of the most popular plugins to do this on WordPress is WooCommerce. Read on to learn more about WooCommerce and also how to use the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress. WooCommerce, like many other ecommerce plugins, transforms a WordPress […]

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4 Plugins to Convert Websites into Interactive Mobile Apps

Most websites nowadays have an accompanying mobile app. A significant amount of user traffic is generated through these apps. Even if your WordPress website is very responsive on mobile devices and is doing well on small screens, However, consumers prefer getting apps instead of navigating a website. Moreover, you can instantly publish your app to your own Google Play or App Store account and even charge for downloads. you cannot rely on it by leaving a play store or app store application in place. A mobile app has its own smooth experience. The only problem with it is it is […]

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A Quick Guide to the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress

If you know the name “WordPress”, then chances are,you’ve also heard of a little company called Automattic. They are the software company behind many of the major integrations and plugins available on WordPress (in addition to the platform). It makes sense that the people who created the hosted platform would have a keen eye for the kind of tools their users (as well as those on self-hosted would need to make their websites even more powerful. In addition to, Automattic can boast about the following awesome WordPress integrations: WooCommerce VaultPress Akismet Gravatar Jetpack It’s this last […]

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