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Keeping in mind the constant feature requests that many of you had raised in the past, we introduced the ability to oversell packages on our Reseller Hosting products in February. The SuperSite was previously designed to display only 4 plans at a time. Now we have tweaked the SuperSite to allow display of 5 Reseller Hosting plans! If you have customized your Supersite, please update the following files to ensure all the necessary changes associated to…

Reseller Hosting – Now at just $7.99! The ability to oversell packages on our Reseller Hosting products is a feature request many of you have raised often. Your feedback on RH packages also indicated a clear demand for a more affordable entry point into Reseller Hosting. To address both these requirements, we now offer a brand new Reseller Hosting Plan – R0! R0 – Key parameters: This plan will be active only on RH – Linux US servers. Overselling…