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In keeping with the latest Afilias anti-abuse report, we thought we would bring to your notice some rather interesting statistics. In its recently published Global Phishing Survey, Anti-Phishing Work Group (APWG) stated that .INFO had the lowest phishing rates amongst the gTLDs measured in this survey. The Global Phishing Survey is said to analyze the APWG phishing attack repository and other related data sources comprising a comprehensive archive of phishing activity. The report…

As promised before, we’re back with our monthly numbers as part of our ongoing efforts to make the Internet a safer place. Our numbers for the month of November are as follows: Types Of Abuse Nos. Suspended Inaccurate Whois details 580 Malware / Trojan / Spyware 390 Rogue Internet pharmacy 285 Spamming 220 Phishing 130 Child Porn 51 Financial Fraud 42 Others 4 Our numbers come as part of our efforts to help the Internet…