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The month of October had some interesting results. While .SCIENCE and .XYZ maintained their No. 1 and No. 2 positions respectively, the percentage increase that .XYZ saw this month was incredible, a whooping 138% increase since September. This is probably due to the continuing effect of a .XYZ domain name being snatched up by Google’s latest venture, Alphabet Inc. Another TLD that has emerged as the No. 1 TLD in terms of percentage increase since September…

October Promos – Back to ’08 Prices! Remember the good old days when .COM Domains were for just $7.99 and things weren’t as expensive as they are today? This October, ResellerClub transports you back into those glorious times! Bid goodbye to price hikes and welcome the good-old prices! 🙂 Domain Promotions this October    Get more details here. Other Promos this October The new prices will be applicable to you from 3rd October, 2013,…