New gTLD Report: April 2017

Hey guys, the numbers for the first month of Q2 are out and our domain promos have rearranged the new gTLD standings for our report. .WIN has made it to the top 5 new gTLD adds for the month. .XYZ for the first time ever has moved to 5th place. We also have a new entrant for April. .NEWS has made it to our top 15 new gTLD adds across all markets! Do have a look at the breakdown of new gTLD adds below: New gTLD Report April 2017 Create pie charts *Registration Numbers Facilitated by ResellerClub . TOP – […]

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Why .ONLINE could be the preferred domain for your customers

New gTLDs are on the rise and have gained tremendous momentum with 27 million+ new domains registered. There are around, 500+ new gTLDs out there, but as a reseller, it is extremely important that you cater to your customer’s needs by handpicking extensions that are relevant based on the nature of their business and geography. If you’ve been following our monthly new gTLD reports, you must have noticed the consistency of Radix’s .ONLINE domain extension. It is in our top 10 new gTLDs adds for every month. Here are a few reasons for the success of .ONLINE: Number one in […]

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new gTLD report October

New gTLD Report – October 2016

We’ve been doing our new month-on-month new gTLD reports for a while now, and the share of domain adds for this month are taking a tighter share than September’s. .TOP and .XYZ have been leading the group for a while. The rest of the new gTLDs are in spitting distance of each other. We also have a new entrant for this month, .TRADE joins our report at number 14 for the month of October. You can refer to the infographic below to see how the new gTLDs have performed. Copy: Create pie charts 1) .TOP – October’s been an exceptionally […]

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New gTLD Report – February 2016

In our previous reports, we were having a month-on-month comparison of the new gTLD registrations. For February, we are doing our report in a slightly different format. What’s new? We are taking into account the domains registered exclusively in this month rather than all the domains registered through us till date. This is to ensure that all the TLDs, even TLDs that have been launched recently have a level playing field. Therefore, there has been a major change in trend in this month’s report. Here are the percentage shares of  the new gTLD adds for the month of February. New […]

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.DESI TLD resellerclub

.DESI: TLD in Focus

ICANN’s new gTLD program has led to the release of a wide range of gTLDs over the past 3 years. In this edition of TLD in Focus, we want to bring to light a TLD which aims to proudly represent the people and culture of the Indian sub-continent; .DESI. Are your customers looking for something out of the ordinary and unique to associate their businesses with? A dash of some Indic vibe? If so, the .DESI is your go-to TLD. It is the only domain name that aims to integrate a culturally diverse society belonging to the Indian Sub-continent. According […]

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Interview with Neha Naik, Radix Registry

Radix is Asia’s largest new gTLD applicant and has invested over $30 Million in securing licenses to operate the new gTLD extensions. Radix has applied for 27 Domain Extensions in ICANN’s new gTLDs program. Radix has executed their agreements with ICANN to operate 4 new gTLDs – .website, .host, .space, and .press and will be launching these later this year. Radix is also the Registry for the repurposed extension .pw – the professional web and – a new domain targeted at the Indian market. We met up with Neha Naik, Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Radix, and asked her […]

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New gTLDs Report Card – May 2014

The Total Registrations of the new gTLDs have reached the huge figure of over 773,056 (as of 16th May 2014). .Guru is still leading the charts with 56,886 registrations. The first city based TLD, .Berlin is second with 47,806 registration closely followed by the recently released .club with 44,355 registrations. It is very obvious that the specific strings that are doing well are because a lot of people are waiting for them to open up for General Availability. It will be interesting to see how Strings like Guide, Audio, HipHop, Loans, Church, Life, Beer, Luxe, and Juegos (games in spanish)  that […]

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