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new gtld report

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With .TOP still retaining its No. 1 position, the month of August saw a 12% hike in the overall registrations. Apart from this, a 260% jump in the registrations of .LIVE in comparison to July helped it secure a spot in the top 5 along with .SITE, .ONLINE, .XYZ, .ICU is back in the list and the new entrant .BEST made it to the list with impressive numbers. Let’s take a sneak peek to find…

Hey folks the new gTLD count for the last month of the 3rd quarter is finally out. .TOP continues to remain number 1 for September as well. .CLUB and .XYZ interchange positions and stand at number 2 and 3 respectively. .MEN, which was 4th in our list last month has moved to the 14th spot for September. .GDN has taken 4th place while we have a new entrant for this month’s report – .JETZT. To…

Hey folks, let’s have a look at the new gTLD report for the month of June. I’d like to start off my analysis by saying 2017 has shown us a lot variety in terms of our monthly top 15 new gTLDs so far. 2016, on the contrary, showcased a persistent .XYZ, .TOP in the line-up (.ACCOUNTANT was an exceptional case when moved it to number one for March). Moving on, .FUN has made its debut…