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new gtld report

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With .TOP still retaining its No. 1 position, the month of August saw a 12% hike in the overall registrations. Apart from this, a 260% jump in the registrations of .LIVE in comparison to July helped it secure a spot in the top 5 along with .SITE, .ONLINE, .XYZ, the new entrants .ICU and .BEST made it to the list with impressive numbers.  Let’s take a sneak peek to find out which new gTLDs were…

Hey folks the new gTLD count for the last month of the 3rd quarter is finally out. .TOP continues to remain number 1 for September as well. .CLUB and .XYZ interchange positions and stand at number 2 and 3 respectively. .MEN, which was 4th in our list last month has moved to the 14th spot for September. .GDN has taken 4th place while we have a new entrant for this month’s report – .JETZT. To…

Hey folks, let’s have a look at the new gTLD report for the month of June. I’d like to start off my analysis by saying 2017 has shown us a lot variety in terms of our monthly top 15 new gTLDs so far. 2016, on the contrary, showcased a persistent .XYZ, .TOP in the line-up (.ACCOUNTANT was an exceptional case when moved it to number one for March). Moving on, .FUN has made its debut…