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Web designing is a continuously evolving field where those that fail to adapt to shifting trends find themselves lost to the competition. With the advent of 2017, a multitude of new web designs has entered the market which boasts high functionality and uniqueness among other positive traits. Developing successful web designs is a trial-and-error method, where a vast pool of specifications and factors are considered before development. While some fail to catch on, others are…

Pagination is a way to structure content on any medium – by grouping them by a fixed amount of space or number of elements. On websites, Pagination is simply the number of pages you see displayed at the bottom of a web page that serves to separate content for easy consumption. It is often the most overlooked element in design but arguably one of the most important. I say ‘overlooked’ because many believe the myth…

Almost every other website has some form of navigation. But, not all of them are up to the mark. Typically, the navigation on any website is designed and put together by web designers who understand the tactics and know how to design appealing websites. However, not everyone knows how to market a website or create a website that’s solely designed for the convenience of a customer. Even though your navigation is built into the site, it does not necessarily…