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Our February numbers are here; nice and early this time. I must say, our Compliance team has been really busy this month! Go ahead, check them out: Reason for Suspension Nos. Inaccurate whois details 4089 Phishing and Other Financial Scams 331 Spam 750 Malware / Spyware/ Virus 408 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 67 Abusive Co-network 70 Escrow Fraud 5 Child Porn 9 Others 33 Total 5752

The numbers trickle in as we once again bring to you our statistics for the month of December. They are as follows: Reason For Suspension Domain Count Inaccurate whois 1430 Pharma 840 Co-network 835 Malware/Trojan/Virus 350 Spamming 153 Phishing 99 Financial / Escrow Fraud 87 Child Porn 47 Others 15 Total 3856 This will now be an ongoing process as part of our effort to bringing you these numbers on a monthly basis.

As promised before, we’re back with our monthly numbers as part of our ongoing efforts to make the Internet a safer place. Our numbers for the month of November are as follows: Types Of Abuse Nos. Suspended Inaccurate Whois details 580 Malware / Trojan / Spyware 390 Rogue Internet pharmacy 285 Spamming 220 Phishing 130 Child Porn 51 Financial Fraud 42 Others 4 Our numbers come as part of our efforts to help the Internet…