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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories that you tell.” -Seth Godin As a web pro or an online business owner, how to market and boost your business must be one of the most pressing matters to you. From using mass media to most recently the use of the internet to propel it forward, marketing has evolved over the years. In today’s age and time, there are several ways…

Enterprise Email – the latest addition to ResellerClub’s range of products is now live! Your customers can now move to one of the most powerful and secure email & collaboration suites in the industry! We have incorporated your suggestions from the BETA phase and launched Enterprise Email on the all new OX7 App Suite. Enterprise Email – Your Business Advantage At a special introductory price of just $1.49 per account, per month, we’re thrilled to…

For the past few months all our efforts have been concentrated towards boosting uptime.This would be done, by building redundancy around every hardware and software component that can fail. This, manifestly, holds true even for the mail storage boxes. We decided to invest in building what we internally call “rabbit pairs”, which are these powerful boxes with a huge storage capacity (upwards of 18 TB raw storage) and lightning fast IO responses by using tiered…