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We’re back with numbers for the month of March this time round. Reason for Suspension Nos. Inaccurate WHOIS details 262 Phishing 161 Spam 657 Malware / Trojan / Spyware 325 Rogue Internet Pharmacy 187 Abusive Co-network 19 Copyright & Software Piracy 18 Child Porn 35 Escrow and Job Scams 12 Others 24 Total 1700 On a side note: Take a look at our previous Blog Article at what LegitScript had to say about our Compliance…

At ResellerClub, we have always tried to ensure that our services are not used for malicious purposes. In doing so, we have worked with some of the most respected organizations in the anti-abuse community to share intelligence and facilitate prompt action on problem domains. One such eminent organization that we collaborate with is Legitscript.com, whose mission is to identify and expose illegal pharmacies on the Internet. Recently the LegitScript team shared with us some very…