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internet security

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You wake up one morning and get started on your daily chores of pouring over your e-mail only to discover that your inbox has been flooded with angry emails from irate customers, complaining about how your business has failed to deliver. It’s bad enough to wake up to something so troubling, but its even worse to not have a clue as to what went wrong! This is the recent story of a small business…

The internet is abuzz with talks of the recent outage faced by Domain Registrar Godaddy. The outage was suspected to be because of a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (commonly known as a DDoS attack) that targeted Godaddy’s DNS servers, affecting several websites as well as email services. (However, a recent statement by Godaddy mentions that it was an internal network error that caused the interruption in services) DDoS attacks are a fairly common occurrence…

Akamai Technologies recently released its ‘State of the Internet Report’ for Q1 2012. The report includes data gathered from Akamai’s globally distributed platform and contains insights on attack traffic, broadband penetration and mobile connectivity. It’s quite an extensive report and contains some interesting information on the internet as it is today. Here are some of the key highlights of the report: Internet & Broadband Penetration: The global average connection speed was 2.6 Mbps and the…