What is the role of cloud computing in IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gradually transformed the way daily tasks are completed. Take smart homing for instance. People can start their cooling devices remotely through their mobile phones. This earlier used to be possible via an SMS, but today the internet has made it easier. Apart from providing smarter solutions for homes and housing communities, IoT has also been used as a tool in business environments across various industries. However, with the amount of big data that is generated by IoT, a lot of strain is put on the internet infrastructure. This has made businesses and organizations look […]

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Web Designers Have a Bright Future Ahead with the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has rolled in like a slow and steady wave since 1982. That’s the year Carnegie Mellon University modified a Coke machine so programmers could get updates on the machine and see if cold drinks were available. Today, the IoT is booming. For example, Walmart uses radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors to determine top-selling items in its stores, while governments use the technology to solve chronic community problems. IoT-enabled home automation systems are becoming the norm, empowering homeowners to adjust lights, temperature, or security cameras from afar. IoT’s future looks bright, too. Gartner reports that more […]

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Digital India and what it means to the Internet Industry in India

Digital India and What it Means to the Internet Industry in India

A year or so ago, India surpassed Japan in the number of Internet users and has now comfortably placed itself at number 3 followed by the United States at number 2 and China at number 1. Undoubtedly, India has a vast population in comparison to most other nations, so a base of 300 million Internet users is not surprising. However, ease of access is mostly restricted to the metropolitan cities and semi-urban regions in the nation. We all recognize the limitless potential of the Internet and several instances around the world have proven how it is a catalyst for social change. Having saturated the […]

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Security Beat: The Threats of the Internet of Things

Security Beat: Questioning the Credibility of IoT Security Threats

In the first documented attack of its kind, the Internet of Things was misused to send out more than 750,000 spam mails through a common household appliance- the refrigerator. The Internet of Things has uncovered remarkable possibilities. Smart air-conditioners, smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart lighting have made life convenient, simple & futuristic. With huge data influx, unparalleled connectivity & never-before-imagined potential, the Internet has opened the floodgates of a new era in connectivity. But what happens when the good is used for the bad? In this edition of Security Beat, we bring to light the incidences of the misuse of […]

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Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Possibilities Unlimited

“Smart cities” is a topic EVERYONE is talking about, world over! But what are these smart cities? Why is there such a huge buzz about this recently? The term has gathered some steam countries like China and most recently, India. In this article, we take a look at what ‘smart cities’ are and what this concept along with the ‘Internet of Technology’ mean for the web providers, the Internet industry, the new gTLDs & the technologically equipped future in the larger scheme of things. What are smart cities? Traditional ideas of ‘smart cities’ suggest a compilation of electricity, gas, water […]

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The Internet of Things – A passing Technology Buzzword or Big Business for us?

The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) seems to have caught Tech World by storm!  It has been a topic of serious debate in technology circles and has steadily gathered steam in the past few months! So what is the (IoT) wave all about? Is it just another buzzword or will it really alter the course of the Internet as we know it? Let’s get some perspective… What is the Internet of Things? Imagine that you need to get to work early for a business meeting and you are running a little late.  Let’s say you had a sensor/alarm clock in […]

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