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Sitting at the core of virtualization is a well-known but little-discussed technology called the Hypervisor. The hypervisor is a layer of software which enables single hardware to host multiple, isolated virtual machines. It also helps with the management of those virtual machines. But before we talk about how the hypervisor works, the types of hypervisors and the benefits of this technology, let’s put some basic definitions in place. We’ll start with a technology that is…

The last decade has witnessed a boom and growth in IT like no other. The challenge for many IT managers, now, is to balance peak performing services with reduced costs. Essentially, getting as much as they can out of fewer resources. One solution that enables them to do so, is virtualization. So, let’s discuss virtualization, as it has provided many a business with the opportunity to grow and reach heights that they wouldn’t have imagined.…

Anteriormente, tínhamos servidores virtuais Virtuozzo na plataforma ResellerClub. Pensando em vocês estamos trazendo novos produtos para o portfólio da ResellerClub Brasil em 2017. O VPS KVM agora está disponível! Estamos ansiosos para anunciar a Virtual Machine VPS baseado em Kernel com uma nova adição à plataforma da ResellerClub. Se você está a procura de servidores Virtuozzo, eles ainda existem. Você pode consultar planos e preços aqui! O que é o KVW ? Kernel-based Virtual machine (KVM) é…