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The 2nd ever ICANN meeting in India is well on its way at the International Convention Centre in Hyderabad right now, as I write this. If you’ve been part of it for Day 1 & 2, you know how awesome it’s been to exchange ideas with those at the event, network with experts in the industry and understand how things will impact your web presence business in the near future. What does ICANN mean for our…

When the 2016 ICANN event was announced to be in Hyderabad, I was stoked. Hailing from Hyderabad but having lived the past 16 years in Mumbai brought fond memories of biryani, Charminar, summer holidays, my ‘Tata’ (grandad) and my ancestral home. While Hyderabad meant memories, as a teenager from Mumbai, having discovered a passion for traveling, places and food, the city became more than just home away from home. I began to see it from a…