benefits of moving to the cloud

6 Benefits of Moving to Cloud Hosting

When you’re new in the web industry and plan to host your first website or a blog, there are a lot of questions on your mind. Should I go with a free service or a premium one? Is this the right time to invest in a paid service and if yes, which hosting service do I choose? Eventually, most website owners end up choosing Shared Hosting as it offers good features for beginners and is also quite affordable. With the passing of time, your business grows and so does the traffic. It is at that time you think – since […]

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wordpress security issues

Most Common WordPress Security Issues in 2018

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) in today’s day and age. Websites find it easier to not only navigate the system but also run their websites seamlessly with Managed WordPress Hosting as their chosen hosting. However, like every other system WordPress too is vulnerable and not completely secure when it comes to attacks. In this post, we’ll talk about the common WordPress security issues in 2018 and how to deal with them. Why is WordPress Security Important? Taking care of your website is of utmost importance as lack of security could mean trouble for your […]

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What is Varnish Cache? – Explained

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been a blogger for quite some time now. Around a year and a half ago, a friend and I started discussing about creating our own website. After some deliberation, we settled on a WordPress powered website. But the choice of hosting was still not clear. Being in the web domain & hosting industry, I suggested we opt for varnish cache enabled hosting service so that the website’s growth in future can be handled easily without constant upgradation. If you too are clueless, like she was about what Varnish Cache is, this […]

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How to host a website in IIS step by step

The popularity of .NET applications has been one of the prime reasons why web developers are choosing IIS or Windows hosting. Now, with the latest generation of ASP.NET framework, producing more interactive pages has also become much easier. This makes one wonder how one can host a website in IIS quickly? Hosting a website in IIS is not just easy, it is also very potent in terms of features that you can build. This article puts the spotlight on what IIS is, how to host a website in IIS step by step and what are the pros of doing so. […]

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Indian data centers expensive than US

Indian Data Centers are More Expensive than U.S: Myth or Reality

Selecting the location of your website’s hosting server is one of the most important decisions when starting an online business. The right server location can, after all, help in making your website faster and more responsive to the local user thereby helping in converting him into a customer and eventually increasing sales. However, deciding this seems to be a complicated task. It is as good as asking which is better – red apples or green? and, why is one more expensive than the other! In this article, we’ll cover what a data center is, how important the location of the […]

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How to Install a WordPress Theme

One of the basic things before you move your business online is to build a website, and WordPress Hosting is a good choice when it comes to creating a WordPress website. Once you’ve created your WordPress business website, it is important to install a WordPress theme to give your website a customized professional appearance that fits your objective for the website. A theme is a vivid description of your website, as design and representation go a long way in determining the look and feel of it. There are a variety of themes, each catering to a different set of niche. […]

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How to use cPanel to Create a Website

As a web pro, one of the things you need to manage your business website effectively is a control panel. cPanel is a popular web-based dashboard that helps you with many administrative tasks. In this article, we’ll see how to use cPanel to create a website in some simple steps. What is cPanel? cPanel is a web-based graphical control panel that helps you create websites and manage your web hosting account. It has a simple setup and features. We at ResellerClub also help our customers manage their products with cPanel, which comes with Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting […]

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How to install SSL on cPanel using WHM

How to install SSL Certificate in cPanel using WHM

As a website owner, the security of your website is of utmost importance. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate ensures and authenticates a website by encrypting the data within your website’s network basically your computer and the end destination server. OpenSSL is a powerful toolkit for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) and licensed under an Apache style license. SSL widely known as Secure Socket Layer is the security protocol that encrypts the links between your web server and browser, securing it. To create the SSL connection your web servers needs an activated SSL certificate. and, you […]

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