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American activist Maggie Kuhn once said, “Well-aimed slingshots can topple giants.” In the case of reputable brands like Yahoo! and eBay, the slingshots were in the form of a well aimed cyber attack. And the results were devastating. Both brands lost the trust of loyal customers. Sales plummeted. Because of the breach, Yahoo! had to take a price cut on the original $4.8 billion sale of its core business to a major telecommunications company. eBay…

The jump from a shared server to a VPS or a Dedicated is often a tough call to make as the tech know-how and effort required is higher by several orders of magnitude, unless of course you choose to use Managed Dedicated servers. For someone who uses VPS, here are a few useful tips and tricks to troubleshooting issues on your VPS server: Monitoring the performance of your VPS can be a tough task. Even System…