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google apps for business

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Last month marked 14 years since Gmail came into existence. Funny story – when Gmail was announced to the public on 1st April, 2004 not only did it arouse skepticism from those in the industry (owing to Google’s popular April Fools’ Day pranks), but it didn’t even have the infrastructure required to provide millions of users with reliable service. However, Gmail quickly became a force to reckon with. Its popularity threw competitors Yahoo and Hotmail…

To answer the ‘How does G Suite work’ question, let’s first understand what G Suite or Google Apps for Business is. G Suite is a package of cloud-based services for companies, organisations etc. These are apps that we’re probably all familiar with. It allows for: Collaboration Communication Storage Gmail for Business: Professional vs. Free Email The biggest advantage for a company or a business using G Suite is the use of the company domain name…