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.GLOBAL is our TLD of the Fortnight for all the right reasons. The domain extension has bridged the gap between brand & multinational audience. For any brand that wants to connect with a global audience, worldwide, this is the perfect fit! .GLOBAL transcends geographic boundaries. Ideas and strategies aren’t confined by location and brands have universal coverage. ‘GLOBAL’ is a word understood in countless languages and helps your brand stand out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiShKSKzXD4 Why offer .GLOBAL?…

In this edition of TLD in Focus, we want to bring your attention to a TLD that has bridged the gap between brand & multinational audience, .GLOBAL. If you have customers who want their businesses to resonate with the global audience, this TLD is the right connect. Nothing says ‘Worldwide’ better than a .GLOBAL. GLOBAL indicates strength & ambition. It is limitless, border-less & non-discriminatory. Whether you have clients from big business or one-man start-ups,…