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Domains low Pricing

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ResellerClub is thrilled to announce that the Premium Domains feature is well on its way to launch in the next few weeks. Read on to know more about how you can take advantage of this feature and prepare to rake in great profits upon its launch! Modifications on SuperSite 2 Files & API Calls The Premium Domains feature will be turned ON only for Resellers who have opted for ‘Automatic Sign up for new Products’.…

So far, ResellerClub’s Domain pricing strategy was structured around Slabs and Total Receipts. To avail of better Slab pricing on Domains, you needed to increase your Total Receipts. However, as you must be aware, our Domains Pricing structure has been revamped [for the better 🙂 ] recently. So now your Domain Pricing Slab will not only be based on your Total Receipts, but also on the number of Hosting Packages that you sell. Does this mean…