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.SCIENCE has climbed the ladder to be the No. 1 TLD for the month of April, going past .XYZ by more than double the number of registrations. .CLUB has finished in 3rd place, claiming 6.89% of the registrations for the month. .CRICKET has made its way to the top TLDs for the month, at 6th place with a share of 2.11%. Close on the heels of the Cricket World Cup, 2015, with the Indian Premier League cricket matches…

What are new Top Level Domain names? Why were they launched? This infographic is a cool insight into the purpose of these new gTLDs that are changing the Internet scene. Found this infographic interesting? SHARE it!

October Promos – Back to ’08 Prices! Remember the good old days when .COM Domains were for just $7.99 and things weren’t as expensive as they are today? This October, ResellerClub transports you back into those glorious times! Bid goodbye to price hikes and welcome the good-old prices! 🙂 Domain Promotions this October    Get more details here. Other Promos this October The new prices will be applicable to you from 3rd October, 2013,…