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dedicated server hosting

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Dedicated Servers or Dedicated Server Hosting is exactly that — a server entirely dedicated to your website. Unlike Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers are exclusively used by one website and thus all the server resources are also exclusive. This also means that you are entirely in control of the security, the add-on resources and of course the entire server cost as well. Confused? Let’s take a more day-to-day example to understand Dedicated Servers. Imagine you travel…

As the number of people who play games online is on a steep rise, the demand for robust, highly scalable servers for compelling gaming experiences is on the increase. Gaming has gone from a few people sitting on their own computer systems after school to now, millions of players worldwide, competing, picking teams, beating scores & saving lives. What must be done to handle this much traffic and data usage? Dedicated servers are the answers. Dedicated servers have taken…