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customer support

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Einstein quoted, “If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes to define the problem and only 5 minutes to find a solution.” The above quote very much states the difficulty a customer service agent goes through a typical day. Most agents lack the necessary skills to interpret a customer’s problem, and as a result, end up giving suggestions and solutions that the customer is not looking for in the…

As technology continues to change the way businesses communicate with their clientele, the traditional phone support seems to be counting its last days. On top of everything else, customer service is now more important than ever – if poor, it can cost you around 82% of all those who contact your helpdesk in order to file a complaint. This calls for a serious upgrade in software and services, the one that small businesses cannot always…

In today’s complex web security environment, identifying a hack attempt is probably the biggest challenge one faces as hackers adopt intricate masking and trail-cleaning techniques. Everyday at ResellerClub, our support team comes across several seemingly innocuous issues that could appear to be fixed by minor tweaks or suggestions – but are actually traces of an attempted hack. We take security very seriously and our staff are regularly trained to stay abreast of developments that could help identify any suspicious incidences that could…