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We, at ResellerClub, have always spoken gladly and wholeheartedly about our customers purely because of how proud their journeys make us feel. Having empowered over 200,000+ resellers and web pros across the globe, we only feel contentment when we look at our customers’ journeys in retrospect.  One such web pro that makes us extremely proud is Double Focus, who we’ve been working with them since last year. We spoke to the founder of Double Focus,…

Although approximately 1 in 5 customers rely on online reviews when making purchasing decisions, a survey by Clutch, DC-based ratings and reviews firm, revealed that 81% do not actually write reviews themselves. This paradox puts businesses in a bind. Customers want the best of both worlds: to read reviews without contributing any themselves. To address this gap, E-commerce businesses should focus on two distinct conversion goals: Driving sales conversions Converting customers into reviewers One popular…