WebPro Panel Part III – The Next Step – Managing your Customers

In our previous post of the WebPro Panel Series, we covered the features of the revamped order management experience, right from purchasing an order, managing it to renewing it. In this third post of the series, we introduce you to our all-new Customer Panel – a panel that gives your customers the freedom to manage their own orders. Further, we will see how you can manage customers, assign orders to them and manage their panel from your WebPro Panel account. For your benefit, we will divide Customer Management into two sections: Managing your Customers Customizing the Customer Panel Managing your […]

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New WebPro Reseller Control Panel

WebPro Panel Part I: The Introduction

One of the fundamental mottos of ResellerClub is to help web professionals set up their online business. In fact, our focus rests so much on web professionals (whether they be web designers or developers) that we’ve gone as far as deciding to coin a new term – ‘Web Pro’ – which is basically short for Web Professionals. As a Web Pro, you take care of building websites, installing custom software and essentially help your customers take their businesses online. To make life easy for you i.e. the Web Pro, we have launched an all-new control panel specifically designed to help […]

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WHMCS live on ResellerClub

Official ResellerClub WHMCS Module – Now Live!

Update (Jan 1 2017): We strongly recommend that you use ResellerClub Mods which offers a variety of modules to integrate your ResellerClub account with WHMCS and sell domains, hosting and more! This website has a Free whmcs module for basic integration for all domain reselling needs. Please note: The official ResellerClub module has been deprecated as we focus on robust product integrations and API options. Original post continues below: We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy here at ResellerClub, with a whole bunch of new products, features and promos. This week, we’re proud to announce that we’ve released the highly requested WHMCS module for all […]

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Make way for a Spanking New Control Panel Dashboard!

For the past 2 months, our Control Panel team has been busy building an all-new Dashboard for our Resellers. Today, after countless iterations, designing, re-designing, coding, testing and bug-fixing into the wee hours of the morning, I am extremely happy to present to you a fresh, and rethought Dashboard for your Control Panel. With this Dashboard we have optimized the home screen to provide essential data as well as crucial features that are used most frequently by Resellers. The design is simple and neat so as to create a task-oriented, intuitive and spacious interface. What’s Changed? Simplified Search A single […]

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Managing Company Users

Create various Company-Users and assign them to different roles like Billing, Sales and Support for greater control over processes handled by each department. For example, the Billing department can be assigned rights for Adding Funds, handling Invoice & Credit Transactions, etc. but will be restricted from performing any action on Support related issues such as Technical Modification and Assistance, etc. The Company-Users can be created from your Control Panel by going to Settings >> Company Users >> Add. You then need to fill up the form and designate the Billing, Sales or Support or a combination of the three roles […]

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