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With a range of products that have launched and are yet to launch, we’ve finally added that extra ‘oomph’ to our website security products. That’s right, the most widely requested variant of SSL Certificates is finally live on ResellerClub! Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) certificate, the highest available level of trust and authentication for a website is now on the ResellerClub platform. What is EV SSL? It’s the highest class of SSL available. Extended Validation…

In October 2016 at the CA/Browser Forum in Redmond, Washington, Google software engineer Ryan Sleevi announced Google’s move to make Certificate Transparency mandatory for Chrome web browsing. What’s the big deal about HTTPS and Digital Certificates? The Certificate Transparency is an open source framework by Google that monitors and audits domain certificates. How? If you’ve recently surfed the Internet on your Chrome browser, you’ve probably noticed an indicator next to a domain name. An indicator…