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.CO is more than just a web address! While .CO started off in 2010 as a ccTLD for Colombia, it was not until 2010 that .CO opened up to just about anyone in the world. Today the 2 letter domain ending conveys a whole lot – COmmunity. COmmunication. COrporations. COmpany. Why opt for .CO? .CO is perfect for innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, communities and more. It’s globally recognized, has great recall value and is professional.…

A lot has been happening at ResellerClub over the past few weeks and we’re very excited to share with you some of the initiatives we’ve got lined up for Q4. We’re sure that these promos and product launches will help you maximize your revenue and end the year on a great note! Q4 Promos: .CO We recently received our .CO Accreditation (As you may know, only 10 Registrars were accredited in the 1st round) and…

.CO Landrush Pre-Registrations are now live! Launch Details: Pre-Registrations for the .CO Landrush will be available from the 15th of June, 2010. The .CO Landrush begins on the 21st of June, 2010. The Cost for a Pre-Registration will be: $227 – including an $8 non-refundable application fee. If there are multiple applicants for a particular Domain, an auction will be held between the applicants by the Registry/Auction House after the Landrush. Important: If the outcome…