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New trends and strategies seem to be emerging since the new gTLDs have entered the Domain Name Marketplace. The internet as a whole is going to shift into a more organised space and search engines are going to evolve to highlight the advantages of a relevant gTLD Domain Name. We are trying to capture the growth of this new market with monthly reports depicting the market share of the new gTLDs that are popular and…

New domain strings have been released since we published this new gTLDs Report Card in the month of February. The total number of sales of the new gTLDs has now shot well over 200,000+ registered domains! We recently also discussed how using the gTLD Wishlist can keep you ahead of the competition in this growing new market. You can read the entire article here. Today, we are going to look over the updated numbers of…

The domain name community is buzzing with the launch of new TLDs which allows users to register website with completely new and never-before-available domain name strings. A total of 21 new generic TLDs are now live in General Availability and 46 new TLDs in the Sunrise Period. Potentially hundreds more are to follow thanks to the registries that are bringing in fresh and relevant new TLDs to the domain name market. These TLDs will be…