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Facebook has come a long way from its humble (yet highly controversial) beginnings at Harvard University. What started out as an online directory for students has now turned into a social networking platform that revolutionized the way we connect to the world. With more than 2 billion active users, it’s no surprise that Facebook eventually expanded its purpose, opening its doors to visionaries and entrepreneurs. In today’s day and age, it’s almost impossible to encounter…

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think your subscribers open your emails? The answer is simple, very less, probably as low as 1 to 3. According to the DMA’s Email Benchmarking Report 2018, the email rates over the past one year have increased by at least 0.5%, with an average of 18.1% for the entire year. However, this is still below the 20% mark. The question that lingers is, is…