Split Delivery and How to Configure Split DNS

Split Delivery: G Suite & Business Email

Hey there! My blog post this time, is to address a query you might have had about split delivery from a single domain. I’ve seen this being discussed on a couple of online forums so I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the topic. What is split delivery? Split delivery means emails will be delivered to the same domain but to two mail systems simultaneously. With split delivery, an incoming message is delivered to either a Gmail inbox or a legacy system inbox, depending on the recipient. This method works well if some of […]

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The Extra Mile 30: Nakul Aggarwal

At ResellerClub, you can be sure about leaving your product provisioning & management in safe hands and find yourself with more time to develop your business 🙂 We take great pride in the fact that across the globe, thousands of people have embraced us and are our happy resellers! Nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to play a role in the growth of our clients’ business and serve them better every time. Nakul Aggarwal has been at ResellerClub for just a year and has been making waves with his fantastic way of handling client enquiries and making them […]

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ResellerClub’s Newest Product – Enterprise Email

  ResellerClub is excited to introduce a brand new addition to our product suite that will not only help you enhance your portfolio but also allow you to offer one of the best email solutions that the industry has to offer – Enterprise Email (Beta). After months of research and numerous rounds of internal testing, our new product Enterprise Email is now in its Beta phase. At an introductory price of just $2.49 per account, per month, it offers you state-of-the-art email services and also allows you make great margins. Features of Enterprise Email This product is packed with simple […]

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