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Imagine you have a blog or an e-commerce website and suddenly one day you lose all your data. You try to figure out ways to recover it but all in vain. It is then you realize you never took a backup. Backups are essential to ensuring the retrieval of your website data. Backing up your data manually is alright when you have just begun but, as your website grows and the data increases, you would…

Imagine a broken template or a plugin code, website crash or writing a post and deleting it, only to realize the previous draft was better. But the issue is you cannot go back to the previous version. Scary isn’t it? But don’t panic, with WordPress it’s easy to take backups and undo changes to the code as well as posts alike with backup and restore. In this post, we’ll learn how to undo changes in…

With data stored in multiple locations, hosting servers and on several devices, loss of data at such a level could be very detrimental. Such a situation could put IT administrators in a fix. Providing a quick resolution to such an issue, recovering the data and minimizing the downtime is not that easy. Not all data can be recovered. Mistakes are bound to happen even by an IT administrator which could eventually lead to the loss…