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The digital world has benefited us in hundreds and thousands of ways , enabling us to store data, search, transfer, record, analyse, communicate, buy, sell, share & do SO much more! But the more we rely on cyber space, the higher the risk we face of losing it. What if all of it were breached? What there were a security compromise? That’s a threat that’s quickly becoming a reality closer to you. In light of that, we’re…

Earlier last week, we faced a Denial of Service attack on our DNS Servers which resulted in disruption of services for several resellers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and disruption caused by the issue and as promised, here is a debrief. Following this unfortunate incident, we conducted a complete root cause analysis. Here’s what went on and what we’re doing to deal with potential future attacks. Updates, Root cause analysis and Plan of action: Over the last few…

The guys from the ResellerClub Hosting Summit team have created a Retro-styled game aimed specifically at the Hosting Industry! It’s an asteroid mod game very reminiscent of Space Invaders. In the RCHS game your Server is under a DDOS attack! (What’s a DDOS Attack?). Incoming PINGs are attempting to take it down and you are the only thing between uptime and a server crash. You can use your mouse to point and click to shoot.…