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app development

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Smartphones are deeply connected with our lives. We use it to do things like call, use Facebook and Twitter, find directions using Maps, check the real-time weather, manage bank accounts, shop online and a lot more things. In short, for almost everything under the sun. Mobile application development in this regard is thus on the rise. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have a plethora of apps. On average, every idea usually has more…

As mobile app usage continues to grow worldwide, the need to streamline development process is critical.  Mobile apps are becoming increasingly accessible via wearables, smart TVs, and vehicles. This has created products and services that didn’t exist 5 years ago. A quick look at stats uncovers these facts. According to Statista, in mid-2016 about 130 billion apps were downloaded from Apple App Store, and around 65 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play worldwide. Going…