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Early this year, we kickstarted our Ctrl+F5 series for 2017 in Chennai with speakers from Google, FoxyMoron and several other thought leaders in the digital world. As promised, we delivered power-packed speaker sessions to a generous crowd so far. Gauging by the unprecedented response we received from our attendees, we would love to extend our tour. Unfortunately, Ctrl+F5 Ahmedabad is our last stop for the year. We at ResellerClub undoubtedly want to make this summit…

Hey folks, let’s have a look at the new gTLD report for the month of June. I’d like to start off my analysis by saying 2017 has shown us a lot variety in terms of our monthly top 15 new gTLDs so far. 2016, on the contrary, showcased a persistent .XYZ, .TOP in the line-up (.ACCOUNTANT was an exceptional case when moved it to number one for March). Moving on, .FUN has made its debut…

Hey guys, the numbers for the first month of Q2 are out and our domain promos have rearranged the new gTLD standings for our report. .WIN has made it to the top 5 new gTLD adds for the month. .XYZ for the first time ever has moved to 5th place. We also have a new entrant for April. .NEWS has made it to our top 15 new gTLD adds across all markets! Do have a…