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Please be advised that our Domain Management System (OrderBox) will be undergoing downtime, as per the schedule mentioned below:

Maintenance Window

Date: Sunday, October 21st, 2007
Maintenance Start Time: 0630 GMT/ UTC
Estimated Maintenance duration: 2 hours

During this downtime, you and your Customers/Sub-Resellers will not be able to login to your Control Panel or make any modifications to your Domain names. However, this downtime shall have no impact on the working of your domain names or the additional services purchased for the domain names.

.NET Promotion

Post this Downtime, the present ‘COM/NET’ Product in the system, will be split into COM and NET as two different products. This way you will be able to set separate pricing for each of the two TLDs.

Also, you can expect a really exciting promotion on .NET Domain Names with a huge price slash in the pricing in the near future. We will update you with the details soon.
We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by this outage. Feel free to get in touch with us from in case you have any queries/doubts.