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Keeping in mind the constant feature requests that many of you had raised in the past, we introduced the ability to oversell packages on our Reseller Hosting products in February. The SuperSite was previously designed to display only 4 plans at a time. Now we have tweaked the SuperSite to allow display of 5 Reseller Hosting plans! If you have customized your Supersite, please update the following files to ensure all the necessary changes associated to the launch R0 are reflected on your Supersite. The code may break if you have modified the CSS on your SuperSite. The following pages were impacted by this change:


API Users:
There are no parameter changes required to be made on your end. The R0 Plan can be accessed with our existing API calls using Plan ID as 141.

Why you should consider R0 as your entry into Reseller Hosting –

If you are one of those who have already tried our R0 package you deserve a pat on your back, if you aren’t, it is never too late!

  • Overselling enabled – Very high disk space & bandwidth to customers (as viewed on customer cPanel)
  • Greater security – Separate cPanel accounts for each domain
  • Account level resource limits – With each website on its own cPanel account, enjoy a performance spike due to dedicated inode limits, php memory allocation etc. that operate at account level

R0 – Plan Parameters and Pricing:


This plan will be active only on RH – Linux US servers.

Please Note:

  • As the R0 plan is structured differently compared to other Reseller Hosting Plans, a one-click upgrade to R1/R2/R3/R4 will not be possible. However, if you need to upgrade your plan, you can contact us and we will try our best to devise a solution
  • While the number of cPanel accounts on one package is limited to 20, you can set the disk space and bandwidth on the cPanel accounts to a very high value; the cumulative actual usage will be accounted for against the 20GB and 200GB limits of the package

You can find more details on R0 Reseller Hosting Plan in our previous post. For any additional details about this mail, feel free to get in touch with us or leave us a comment below.