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Do more with your SuperSite2

We’re constantly working on delivering a superior SuperSite experience to you and your Customers. In our latest sprints, we have focused on increasing functionality, improving UX and design, as well as boosting performance. These changes will be effective on your Supersite 2 starting 6 Feb 2014.

Display Prices in your Customer’s Local Currency

Localize the experience for your global audience! You can now choose to auto-detect your Customer’s location in order to display prices in the local currency.

Simply go over to your SuperSite 2 Admin Panel >> Settings >> Auto-Detect Currency >> Switch it ON.


SuperSite will now automatically convert all your Prices to any of our supported currencies, should a visiting Customer come from those countries. Even if you choose to leave it OFF, a Customer would still have the flexibility of manually  selecting a currency of his choice on the SuperSite itself.

Note: The converted prices are for display purposes only. The actual transaction would still take place in your Selling Currency.

First of many UX changes – A global bar that displays essential settings and cart information

As the world of UX/UI introduces newer design paradigms, we’re making sure that your SuperSite keeps pace with these developments. Hence, as the first of many UI/UX changes to come, we’re introducing a global bar, that sits at the top of your SuperSite and works as a centralized tool for easy access to any of the essential settings like Currency or Language,
Account Information, or the Cart.Capture2221

We’re starting off with the smaller improvements, but stay tuned for the bigger design changes coming soon!

Set your own URL for Uploaded Pages

In a bid to help you optimize your SuperSite on the search engines, we brought you the ability to set your own URLs for each of the landing pages. We’re now extending this functionality to equip you to set your preferred URLs for your Uploaded Pages as well, in any language you want.

In your Admin Panel, point to Settings >> Custom URLs

You will automatically be presented with a list of pages that you have created and will be able to set your URL with your chosen keywords for all the languages you have enabled.

A Quick Trick to optimize Load Time – Combine your CSS files

We don’t just want the SuperSite to look swanking, we want it to perform optimally as well. So we’ve been using a bunch of scientific methods and tools to track the performance so far, and have identified some ways in which we can further boost load time.

In your Admin Panel, on your dashboard, under Themes, you will find a little section on Combining your CSS files. When you turn this ON, all the CSS files on your SuperSite will load as one – hence saving some time, instead of loading them one by one.


Turning this setting ON does not mean that the individual CSS files will combine into one in your Admin Panel as well – you will still be able to easily edit every single CSS file, just like you can today. However, to ease the process of identifying which CSS file you need to edit, turn this setting OFF temporarily, so as to be able to view every single file (right click on any page on the SuperSite, hit ‘Inspect Element’), which you can in turn edit from your Admin Panel.

CDN Deployment – Phase II

While allowing you to combine your CSS files, we have also completed Phase II of our CDN deployment to doubly boost load time and hence customer experience. While, in Phase I, we started off with caching images on each local CDN server, in Phase II, we’ll also be caching all JavaScript elements. This will ensure that these elements are served off the closest server from the visitor’s location, and hence will load considerably faster, as opposed to being served from our central servers in the US.

We’re working to make the SuperSite a globally, yet locally optimized property, that will deliver a well-rounded experience to your Customers, be it local currency, local languages, local search engine optimization or even local caching!

Hope you enjoy these improvements – stay tuned for lots more coming from the SuperSite team!

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