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Last week we hosted our webinar on SuperSite customization. While there were issues with the audio (that rendered the last 10 minutes of the webinar almost useless), I think we at least managed to cover the SuperSite Admin Area at a conceptual level.

Languages and Themes were explained along with everything that could be customized within it. Apart from that other aspects covered were about PSD files being made available within the Admin, how visitors could be tracked through Google Analytics (since we have discontinued AW Stats), and when exactly is the Reload Cache option supposed to be used.

I did see quite a few questions this time – all pretty interesting. In fact, the team’s already started replying to all of them.

Because of the audio issues, I’ll be re-recording the webinar, and will add it to our YouTube Account shortly – http://youtube.com/teamresellerclub

Once again – really appreciate the response, and hope even more people can attend next time. 🙂