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Starting a new web site or sprucing up one for your Reseller Business is a daunting task. That empty screen of your Domain just sits there and dares you to be creative…Back then, many of our friends were offering a simple template based website for you to kick start your business…but then, we wanted to revolutionize this feature and take it to another level altogether!

That was the time, we thought of SuperSite! A fully customizable, completely brandable, packed with an intelligent shopping cart and err…. anyways, something which gives a ‘WOW’ effect. Now, the SuperSite has become one of the most sought after FREE websites over the Internet. It has given birth to an all new kind of Reseller business model, the ‘Plug n Play’ Reseller business…Starting a Reseller business with such a professional website had never been so simple before!

Anyways, this is just the start… we will be introducing more and more features of the SuperSite through this blog. The next in line is the Theme engine… So, stay tuned!!