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A friend of mine was all applause for a standup comedian after watching his YouTube video. A simple request by the comedian to hit the ‘subscribe’ button and press the ‘bell icon’ led to my friend watching more of his videos and finally attending live shows of the artist!

Multiply this a thousand times and you will be able to identify the potential of ‘subscribers’ to your business. Be it stand up comedy, a financial education website/channel, your software services channel or a professional blog, if you are able to get more subscribers on your side, your business has a much greater potential of growing faster.

Before delving in deep let us first define who a subscriber is. A subscriber is either an individual who has signed up to receive regular communication and updates (from websites, blogs, etc.) or has signed up to avail products & services – be it a magazine, local newspaper or a streaming service like Netflix or Apple Music. Now in some cases, they are not connected – for example, someone who just blogs about cooking but has no agenda to sell anything – while in other cases businesses/individuals use subscriptions on mediums such as a blog or a youtube channel to promote and consequently increase sales of certain products or services. In this article, we’re looking at the latter.

We hypothesise that having and growing a large base of subscribers and driving the right kind of value for them is a sure-shot way to boost business. But how can we actually achieve a large base of subscribers and harness their benefit? Let’s take a look at how subscriptions help businesses.

There will be scores of customers who would subscribe just for the sake of subscribing. However, there is always a group of serious subscribers who would follow developments very closely.

We will take a very relatable example of a web pro here, who provides website development and management services. Users who are in need of such services will be more inclined to approach this business if they find valuable resources on a continuous basis on the website or through email subscription (people who have subscribed to the business’ blog for example). These individuals, at least some of them, are at some point or the other bound to turn into valuable customers. This eventually results in the mutual growth of both the company and the subscriber.

With continuous time and effort invested once you’re able to convert a visitor to a subscriber the most important task is to retain them. Be it a restaurant or a web pro, people will stay glued to them only when the quality is maintained.

Follow these two important ways to keep your subscribers waiting to listen from you always:

  1. Consumer Preference

    As a web pro, it is important to understand your consumers’ tastes. If you have a large subscriber base then with the right kind of analysis, these individuals can be converted to long-lasting customers.This can be done with the help of analytics. Consumer surveys, data collation (with user awareness, permission and only for internal use), analyzing the kind of content the subscribers view etc. will help you in catering your subscribers better. Be it articles, promotions or exciting offers in a consumer-centric fashion. If you’re able to tap in the consumer preference, building valuable relationships is easier.

  2. Quality Pays

    While consistency is important, it is equally or rather more important to have quality stuff. Daily posts with no new learning can put off the user. Thus, it is important to have right resources with the right skill sets to produce quality posts, articles, ads, promos in a timely manner and on a consistent basis.QTC is the key to win subscribers’ hearts – Quality, Time, Consistency in that order! As a web pro, if you are able to showcase the variety of services you offer to highlight your efficient and dedicated support staff in times of need, consumers are more inclined to choose you.

Now having seen the benefits of subscribers and how they can eventually convert from visitors to paying customers, one question that still lingers is, are subscribers underrated?

No, I don’t believe subscribers are underrated. Most businesses aren’t able to drive value to subscribers and over time lose focus about why they are getting subscribers. Subscribers are a valuable tool to drive business and increase the popularity of your brand. Here is a look at the website of Monkey Joe’s Parties & Play by Armin Ghazi. When they started out they had a subscriber count of 250. However, with the use of email subscription, wise strategy and dedicated effort they increased their subscriber count to a whopping 10,000 and it has just improved since then.

We hope that through this article you not only realize subscribers are important but also get a few key points on how to utilize, engage and cater to your subscribers in a way that they’re motivated to come back to your service.

On that ironic note, please do subscribe to our Blog too! 🙂

H. FatimaH. FatimaH. FatimaH. Fatima used to be an Engineer by profession and Writer by passion until she started pursuing full-time writing. She is presently a Content Marketeer at Endurance International Group (APAC). She mostly writes what she deeply perceives and analyses, it is her way of unwinding. Her interests include writing, reading (an avid reader), watching foreign-language movies and public speaking.View all posts by H. Fatima