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Verisign recently released the latest version of the Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief which reveals that there are now 233 million Domain Name registrations across all TLDs.

From the report, it’s pretty evident that the Domain Name Industry has seen a fairly consistent growth rate of 11% in Q1 2012. However, there has been a significant increase in ccTLD registrations with a growth rate of 16.2% over last year.

It’s an interesting read and you can check out the entire report here. Some of the key takeaways from the brief are mentioned below:

  1. Q1 2012 closed at 233 million domain name registrations i.e. a growth of 11% over Q1 2011- Tweet This!
  2. Total ccTLD registrations are approaching 100 million with 94.9 million ccTLDs currently registered – Tweet This!
    This neat prediction chart by Pingdom shows that total ccTLD Registrations will cross the 100 Million mark in 2012.
  3. There are 290+ ccTLD extensions with the top 10 ccTLDs comprising 60% of all registrationsTweet This!
  4. Currently 69% of .com/.net Domains host multiple-page websites with only 14% not having a website – Tweet This!

233 Million Domain Names – What Next?

While the Domain Name industry is currently seeing a consistent growth year on year, it remains to be seen how new gTLDs will impact the state of the market

How do you think Domain Name registrations will be impacted once new gTLDs are introduced?

Verisign Domain Industry Brief
Royal Pingdom