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Between 7:26 am and 8:05 am GMT on Friday, we faced an issue with the SSD drive failing on one of our mail hosting servers. Usually, we have set failovers to tackle such hardware failures, but in this particular case, due to a manual error, the IP was pointing to another server. This created further problems and reset the accounts as if they were newly created.

When your account on the server is reset, the UIDL map on your email clients connecting to our servers is also reset. This leads your mail client into believing that the account it is downloading mails for, is a new account and all your mails are downloaded again. In this event, all users who have been connecting using POP with the “Leave a copy on the server” option enabled on their mail clients, would notice that all their emails are being downloaded again.

We have already restored all our services and are at present performing an audit to check if there were any mail losses during this outage. We request you to contact the support team in case you have faced issues with your email account.