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At every step of your relationship with your Customers and Sub-resellers (Whether it’s a Customer / Sub-reseller signing up on your website, an order being placed by a Customer of yours, or Funds being added by any of your Customers / Sub-resellers), we have taken care of keeping you and your Customers/ Sub-resellers aware of every interaction that you have with each other. Our system generates emails when any modification is made to a Reseller / Customer Account, that are sent out to all the parties involved, thus making it extremely convenient for you to manage your Reseller Business. These mails of course are sent on your behalf, with your Branding.

This, however, might result into a huge number of emails being sent you as a Reseller on a daily basis, some of which you could perhaps do without. Hence, we give you the option of Setting Mail Preferences for you, as well as your Customers. Through your Control Panel, you could:

  • Choose to not receive any system generated mail – This is not an option we would recommend though, as it might result into you missing out some very important notifications and alerts.OR
  • Set Specific Mail Preferences – This way you can filter out emails, and receive only the ones that you feel are more relevant.

Apart from customizing your own mail preferences, you can also choose which of the system generated mails you want to be sent out to your Customers. Your Sub-resellers can similarly set the mail preferences for themselves and their Customers.

In order to do this, you need to go to Settings >> Mail Preferences in your Reseller Control Panel. You can read up more on this feature in our Knowledgebase. You could also contact your Account Manager to assist you with this.